EasyCheers has launched a presale event for upcoming racing game CryptoFast, a NEO-based hybrid between DeFi and racing game elements. Players will be able to purchase, customize, and compete against each other in races, or participate in finance-inspired gameplay mechanics. To commemorate the occasion, EasyCheers is also hosting a lucky draw for a real Mustang GT or its equivalent value in NEO.

Presale and Car Lottery

Assets available for purchase in the presale must be paid for with EasyCheers token (ECT), which can be acquired by swapping NEO through the provided wallet interface. Players can register and login for the game using a NEO private key or encrypted key on the CryptoFast website.

Limited edition cars for the presale

Several limited-edition cars are available with a fixed supply corresponding with the car’s presale price. For example, the cheapest option is the 4000 ECT Mustang GT with a supply of 1000, whereas only 10 McLaren P1 cars are available at a price of 400,000 ECT. At the time of press, 1 NEO can be exchanged for approximately 1750 ECT.

Those that purchase cars will receive 1 lottery ticket for every 4000 ECT spent on a car, with a draw for a real Mustang GT being held at the end of the pre-sale. The winner must be able to pick up the car in Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, or Guangzhou in order to claim the prize, otherwise they will receive the equivalent value (US $36,000) in NEO instead.

It should be noted that the lottery will only be drawn if all available tickets are assigned, otherwise the event will be cancelled.

Car Customization

Players are also able to demo the customization process by clicking on any of the cars available for purchase. This will bring open a garage where limited-edition decals, car parts, and alternate paint jobs can be tested and purchased. Each individual asset is represented on the Neo blockchain as a non-fungible token (NFT), allowing them to be traded between players in the future.

Car customization demo and aftermarket part presales

Securities Market

Alongside the traditional racing gameplay, the developers intend to implement DeFi-like gameplay options for players that are not interested in racing. These elements are intended to allow players to profit by participating in activities such as car rental, insurance, or trading shares on the in-game securities market.

As part of the presale, players can purchase shares in the in-game oil company, trading center, or guessing center, with shareholders earning dividends receiving through various mining mechanics triggered by the actions of other players.

Share presales for in-game virtual companies as part of the DeFi gameplay elements.

For example, oil company shareholders receive rewards from a pool generated by oil purchases by racers, and the trading center receives commission on car/part sales between players. More detailed information on these mechanics can be found within the CryptoFast whitepaper.

Future Game Development

According to the whitepaper, CryptoFast’s gameplay will be rolled out periodically, with pure manual car operation not slated for release until 2021. Initial gameplay in 2019 will consist only of trading, car development, and mining mechanics. At this point, cars will be raced automatically with no direct interaction possible by players.

CryptoFast development roadmap

Moving into 2020, additional DeFi elements will be incorporated, alongside the implementation of quick time event (QTE) race mechanics. Cars will still be operated automatically, however players will be able to quickly input a specified command in order to perform skillful manoeuvres.

CryptoFast is can be accessed at easycheers.io.