On October 17th, 2019, Neo celebrated the third anniversary of the launch of its MainNet. To commemorate the occasion, the Neo Foundation (NF) released an open letter to the community, while Neo Global Development (NGD) revealed a revamped the Neo brand and a new website. Neo also launched a Twitter giveaway campaign, and NEO News Today released a mini-documentary entitled, Neo Global Development Shanghai – Behind the Scenes.

NGD Seattle lead, John deVadoss, participated in interviews with EAK Digital, and Crypto Live Leak.

NGD Seattle released the Neo Blockchain Toolkit for .NET on the Visual Studio marketplace.

NNT Catch Up

MixMarvel, a blockchain-powered game publishing platform, is conducting a series of token giveaways in October 2019 to promote the upcoming launch of Ground Hunter. Ground Hunter is a first-person shooter that will incorporate the NEP-5 GHT token into its in-game economic model, as well as utilize non-fungible tokens that represent ownership of weapons and other assets.

Developer Groups

Neo St. Petersburg Competence Center (NEO SPCC) released a report briefly discussing the week following the launch of NeoFS TestNet and Send.NeoFS. The development team has been able to fix non-intuitive bugs, tune system parameters, and collect feedback from users based on their network activity. NEO SPCC also launched a network state monitoring dashboard to visualize the data distributed across NeoFS.

NewEconoLabs (NEL) released an article about the NeoVM, as well as its fortnightly report. The NeoVM article delves into what virtual machines are, what NeoVM is and how it works, and the Turing machine mechanics that operate the NeoVM.  The NEL bi-weekly report offers bullet point updates about NeoRay 2.0, the ThinSDK package, and Neo3 support in the NELScan explorer.


October 14th, Jarvis+ released its fortnightly report, which highlighted technical progress and an overview of talking points from an event Jarvis+ co-hosted with Microsoft in September 2019. Research and development also began to develop statistical analysis models based on a previous public opinion poll, which the team will use to develop an AI-based smart dialogue.

October 15th, Neo Colorado announced its upcoming October event, “Ideas and Microgrants,” which will discuss potential projects and COZ support. Tyler Adams, co-founder of Moonlight and COZ, will be at the event to discuss the program and learn about potential projects.

October 15th, Red Pulse released a development report that discussed technical improvements to the platform, highlighted events attended, and provided an update on its partnership with AGB Education and the Singapore Government.

October 15th, Trinity released its fortnightly report, which states its Trinity-neo-gui is nearly fully optimized and that the team will offer a user-guide when it is released.

October 17th, all five of the Nash co-founders participated in a live interview on The Crypto Lifestyle YouTube channel.

October 17th, FutureDAO released its bi-weekly report, which highlighted front-end progress on Teemo, Metamask wallet binding, and the addition of various functions to the “server section.”

October 17th, Novem attended the Blockchain Life 2019 conference in Moscow, Russia.

October 18th, CryptoFast, “the first blockchain racing game,” began its presale, which allows users to purchase and customize one of six different vehicles.

October 18th, Novem attended the Huobi Global Eurasia Blockchain Summit in Istanbul, Turkey.

October 18th, QLC Chain released an updated roadmap of its goals for the remainder of 2019 through to 2020. Additionally, the team plans to answer questions during its Reddit AMA on Wednesday, October 23rd, beginning at 8:00 pm (UTC +8).

Token Listings

Switcheo listed on DefiPrime.

Signature Token listed on CoinCodex.


October 29th: Neo Colorado “Ideas and Microgrants” event – Denver, US.