QLC Chain, a decentralized network-as-a-service platform, has released an updated roadmap outlining its goals for the remainder of 2019 through to 2020. The roadmap focuses primarily on the QWallet, Confidant hardware, and the QLC Chain itself. In addition to the roadmap update, QLC Chain plans to answer questions during its Reddit AMA on Wednesday, October 23rd, beginning at 8:00 pm (UTC +8).

According to the new roadmap, in Q4 2019 QLC Chain intends to add support to the QWallet for three more provinces in China. Currently, registered users of the China Mobile Guangdong branch can use QGas to pay for their 4G mobile plans. The QWallet offers a “top-up” function, where 1 QGas represents a ¥1 coupon, which will allow users to purchase up to 5% of the total top-up value using QGas.

During late 2019, the team also aims to launch a desktop version of its decentralized privacy protection platform, Confidant. Confidant is a privacy-focused hardware and application package that allows users to host private chat networks and cloud storage. The development team aims to complete the Android and iOS versions, and also intends to collaborate with DYXnet to develop and pilot a decentralized Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) application.

Beginning in Q4 2019 and continuing into 2020, QLC Chain will be implementing additional updates to its public blockchain. The first update will focus on the launch of a dual consensus mechanism with merged mining support for SHA256d/X11/scrypt PoW algorithms.

Through 2020, the team intends to integrate Mimblewimble to provide privacy to transactions, increase the network’s interoperability via support for Bitcoin and Ethereum cross-chain staking, and implement an oracle proxy solution such as the services offered by Chainlink.

Source: QLC Chain


At the time of press, interested individuals can visit the AMA page to post any questions they may have for the QLC team. QLC Chain will answer the questions posted in the thread on Wednesday the 23rd.

The roadmap and AMA page can be found at the link below: https://www.reddit.com/r/QLCChain/comments/djkb21/qlc_chain_reddit_ama_following_the_latest_roadmap/