QLC Chain has announced that registered users of the China Mobile Guangdong branch will soon be able to use QGas to pay for their 4G mobile plans. QLC Chain claims that the Guangdong branch is China Mobile’s largest provincial carrier branch with over 162 million mobile phone users and more than CN¥20 billion net profit from 4G services in 2018.

In a Medium article, QLC Chain purports that once the mobile bill payment platform is integrated with QLC Chain, “users with a Guangdong registered phone number will be able to top up their 4G mobile plan while consuming QGas.” The service is scheduled to begin with the next Q-Wallet update on September 27th, 2019.

Topping up phones with QGas is among QLC Chain’s first steps in integrating its utility token within telecommunications services. In the mobile top-up app, 1 QGas represents a ¥1 coupon, which will allow users to purchase up to 5% of the total top-up value using QGas.

For example, when a China Mobile Guangdong user needs to spend ¥100 on a phone bill, they can pay ¥95 with fiat and use 5 QGas for the remainder.

The QGas will get burned on the QLC Chain, and all burned QGas will be auditable via public wallet addresses.

About the Q-Wallet

The Q-wallet supports NEO, NEP-5 assets, QLC, native QGas assets, EOS, and ETH. Additionally, the Q-Wallet supports cross-chain staking and offers an in-app over-the-counter (OTC) trading market for QLC/QGAS and QGAS/USDT pairings.

Q-Wallet is available on PC, web, Android, and iOS.

The full announcement can be found at the link below: