At 6:30 pm (UTC -7) on Tuesday, September 24th, Moonlight announced the successful migration of its LX token smart contract on the NEO MainNet. According to Moonlight, the LX smart contract migrated to the following hash: 9c1f315264200988a0d2fbb5489f2c9adb9c765f.

The migration was executed by the Contract.Migrate framework method, which avoided conducting an airdrop based on a snapshot. Moonlight opted to use this method because it allowed the token holder to maintain ownership and claims over LX tokens, and ensured the Moonlight founding team vesting period remained intact.

In a conversation with NEO News Today, Moonlight engineering director and co-founder, Chris Birmingham said, “using the Contract.Migrate method allow[ed] us to update the smart contract without taking control of tokens we shouldn’t be able to access.”

Now the LX smart contract migration is complete, and Nash will have the ability to list the LX token on its non-custodial exchange platform.

Moonlight also updated its ICO contract in its GitHub repository on Tuesday, September 24th after successfully concluding the migration.

The announcement can be found at the link below: