NeoFish, a blockchain-based game on the Neo and Ethereum blockchains, has announced an airdrop campaign where participants will receive 20 NEP-5 NFISH tokens for each NEO held in the in-game wallet. In addition to the airdrop, NeoFish co-founder and gameplay designer, Ying Liu, will participate in a NeoLive event taking place on Thursday, March 5th, to discuss non-fungible tokens (NFT).

NeoFish combines a mining mechanism and fishing gameplay with a token model, to create an interactive, player-driven marketplace and ecosystem. NeoFish’s currency is the NFISH token, which can be acquired by mining, fishing, or directly trading for NEO on the in-game exchange.

There is a total supply of 100,000,000 NFISH tokens, of which 1,500,000 NFISH is allocated for the airdrop campaign.

Airdrop Campaign

To participate in the NFISH airdrop, users must deposit a minimum of 10 NEO into the in-game FishChain wallet. NEO held in the FishWallet before Monday, February 24th at 12:00 am (UTC +8) will not count towards the airdrop campaign, only NEO that has been deposited after that date.

Beginning Friday, February 28th, NeoFish will start taking snapshots of NEO held in users’ wallets. Snapshots of NEO deposits (minus withdrawals) will be taken every day at 12:00 am UTC (+8).

Through March 3rd, the amount of NFISH tokens to be distributed for the campaign will increase by 100,000 NFISH, beginning with 100,000 NFISH tokens for distribution on the first day. The daily distribution amounts for the five-day window includes:

  • February 28th: 100,000 NFISH
  • February 29th: 200,000 NFISH
  • March 1st: 300,000 NFISH
  • March 2nd: 400,000 NFISH
  • March 3rd: 500,000 NFISH

If the overall NFISH distribution is to exceed the daily limit, NeoFish will reduce the distribution factor for each user to ensure the campaign does not exceed the aforementioned distribution amounts for the day.

Each user is limited to 5,000 NFISH for the airdrop per day.

NeoFish intends to issue the NFISH tokens one week following the conclusion of the campaign.

The full airdrop campaign announcement can be found at the link below: