Neo Global Development (NGD) hosted a NeoLive in Chinese on Friday, February 27th, with guest Huang Lin, CTO of Suterusu. The topic of conversation focused on how Suterusu aims to build a layer two privacy protocol for the Neo blockchain.

Road to Neo3

Neo News Today (NNT) released two articles in its Road to Neo3: Features series: Performance and Bug Fixing, and Distributing State Over P2P.

The first article outlined the considerations to including state root in block headers as suggested in the preceding article of the Road to Neo3 series. Additionally, it introduced Neo’s unique bug fixing capabilities.

The second article examined the current approach to ongoing state root implementation – distribution of state through P2P messages. Currently, there are three potential implementations under discussion.

Developer Groups

Neo St. Petersburg Competence Center (NeoSPCC) open-sourced its Neo node benchmark tool, a project created in order to determine the ability of nodes to cope with a high load in both isolated and networked environments.


February 24th, The new owners of the Narrative project changed its name to pubNooks and released a survey soliciting input from its community members on a range of potential membership fees. Along with the name change, the company has renamed Niches to Nooks. In the coming weeks, pubNooks intends to open a logo design contest.

February 24th, NeoFish announced an airdrop campaign where participants will receive 20 NEP-5 NFISH tokens for each NEO held in the in-game wallet. To participate in the NFISH airdrop, users must deposit a minimum of 10 NEO into the in-game FishChain wallet. NeoFish intends to issue the NFISH tokens one week following the conclusion of the campaign.

February 24th, Jarvis+ released its fortnightly report, which includes updates on the Xiaojia chat robot and the first unlock of the team’s vested tokens.

February 24th, QLC Chain joined the Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF) and integrated an itinerary checking tool into its mobile wallet, Q-Wallet. QLC Chain joined the consortium to “provide near-real-time self-organizing data-on-demand services to end customers.” QLC Chain integrated the itinerary check function into the Q-Wallet to allow for China Mobile, China Unicom, and China Telecom users to track their movements and share trusted travel records without disclosing any private data. The functionality is said to be useful in containing the spread of the coronavirus.

February 25th, Nash launched non-custodial exchange support for fiat on-ramps in Europe with higher limits, more countries, and support for more currencies.

February 27th, Guardian Circle CEO, Mark Jeffrey, participated in an interview with Eric Ly, CEO of Hub, to discuss the distributed emergency response network and mobile application, and why the team opted to use the Neo blockchain.


March 5th: Neo Live with NEO FISH.