New ownership of Narrative, a content sharing platform on the Neo blockchain, has changed its name to pubNooks. Alongside the name change, pubNooks has also released a survey soliciting input from its community members on a range of potential membership fees.

The name change was finalised following a series of recent surveys offering various options and soliciting community feedback. Along with the name change to pubNooks, the company has renamed Niches to Nooks. Nooks are categories where users can publish their content (i.e., sports, politics, healthy recipes, etc.).

In the coming weeks, pubNooks intends to open a logo design contest. However, at the time of press, no further details have been released.

Membership fees

In addition to the name change, the pubNooks leadership team has released a survey to solicit input from community members on potential fees, which range from US $0.80 to US $3.00 per month. In the email announcement, pubNooks stated, “[we] ruthlessly [scrutinized] every expenditure so we enter the delicate, early stage running as lean as possible. We forecast our initial running costs will be at least 5 times lower than the former project’s were, but those expenses still need to be covered.”

The pubNooks leadership team intends to implement a membership program to advertise, cover the costs of growing, grow the rewards pool, and combat spam accounts.

Membership fees are expected to take effect at the launch of the revamped pubNooks platform, tentatively slated to occur in 2020. pubNooks users will be expected to pay for the whole annual subscription upfront.

Eventually, pubNooks anticipates incorporating a free member experience, which will allow users to read and comment on posts. Though, pubNooks stated, “[free members will] have restrictions on posting content compared with paid members, won’t be able to receive tips or use the block function, and will pay significantly more to buy and renew Nooks and Publications, among other limitations.”

Early bird program

pubNooks has also proposed an early bird membership plan that benefits the first 2,000 paid subscriptions to the platform. Once pubNooks reaches a milestone of 6,000 paid members, the early bird members will no longer be required to pay membership fees.

To qualify for the waiver, early bird accounts need to be kept in good standing. Further, if the paid member list falls below 3,000 members, pubNooks may reinstate the membership fee for all platform users.

To learn more about the pubNooks platform visit the following link to its Discord channel: