Neo Global Development (NGD) released a statement regarding the O3 wallet and its recent removal from the Apple App Store. The delisting of the wallet occurred in February 2020, which was due to a trademark dispute with a non-blockchain related company. NGD is currently working on finding a resolution and getting the iOS version re-listed on the App Store.

NGD conducted a video-based Neo Live event with Incognito Chain’s head of growth, Andrey Bugaevski. Additionally, NGD marketing manager, Songping Que, and NGD eco growth manager, Sarah Song participated in the event. During the AMA, the trio discussed Neo’s perspective on privacy and decentralized finance (DeFi), how Incognito works, the next steps for Incognito integration with Neo, and addressed questions from the community.

NGD announced a call for for content creators to join the Neo ecosystem. NGD is seeking creatives such as bloggers, vloggers, and podcasters to be featured in various online and offline Neo campaigns and events.

Road to Neo3

Neo News Today (NNT) released an article about state root and trust problems in the latest Road to Neo3 instalment. This article examined how Neo3 will determine the global state by persisting a state root hash. Providing a globally agreed state makes it possible to solve trust issues with light wallets, ensure consistent storage information between nodes, and can result in performance gains achieved by separating block and state persistence.

NNT Catch Up

NNT released episode 24 of its podcast, with guest Malcolm Wright, new co-owner of the pubNooks content sharing platform (formerly known as Narrative). Topics include the backgrounds of the new owners, their history within the prior Narrative community, rebranding the platform, pubNook’s path to viability, NRVE token distribution, and much more.

NGD Seattle released v1.0 of the Neo Blockchain Toolkit for VS Code, a milestone version with major improvements to the Visual DevTracker. The toolkit allows developers to easily run private network instances, create and debug C# smart contracts, and simplifies deployment and invocations.

Switcheo announced another delay in the SWTH redemption program. The program was initially planned to begin on February 12th, but had been rescheduled for February 19th, and is now tentatively scheduled to occur on March 6th. The redemption is part of a recent partnership with NGD, which includes the use of Neo’s native GAS token as payment for trading fees, and to support the price of the SWTH token by a “price floor” in a SWTH/GAS market.


February 17th, Alphacat released its fortnightly report, which highlights profitable performance of the artificial intelligence forecast trading system for the last three quarters, and the addition of two new dApps to the ACAT Store.

February 17th, Moonlight announced its director has been selected to present on Moonlight and the Neo blockchain at the World Blockchain STO Summit taking place June 17th and 18th in Singapore. Tan intends to discuss various use cases of the Moonlight platform and the Neo ecosystem, as well as security tokenization.

February 17th, Alchemint released its January 2020 monthly report, which included an announcement of a soon-to-be updated roadmap for 2020, an overview of SDUSD stablecoin issuance, and a major upgrade that will make Alchemint more mobile and user-friendly.

February 17th, Binance launched futures trading for the NEO/USDT market, which allows users to leverage their trades up to 50x.

February 19th, Switcheo announced a negative trading fee system meant to encourage market-making on selected pairs. The program will be available to holders of Switcheo’s SWTH token, with trading rebates payable in SWTH.

February 20th, Nash announced the launch of USDC stablecoin markets in European jurisdictions. The listing makes the Nash exchange among the first to comply with European regulators while offering such markets.

Token Listings

NEO futures trading added to Binance.