NeoFish has begun the first round of its auction, with 50 NEO fishbowls and 500 fish with NEO genes available for bidding. NeoFish is a standalone and currently centralized game that shares a common account system with the Ethereum-based FishChain. Additionally, the NeoFish team completed its airdrop to members of its Telegram channel.

An introduction to the gameplay of NeoFish and FishChain can be found here.

Auction Details

The NeoFish auction commenced on April 30th and will end on May 11th at 5:00 pm (UTC + 8).

50 NEO fishbowls are available in the auction, split between various tiers separated by color. In order of rarity and mining efficiency there are:

  • 3 Gold fishbowls
  • 7 Black fishbowls
  • 40 Ordinary (11 Blue, 11 Green, 11 Red, 5 Purple, 2 Pink) fishbowls

There are also 500 NEO fish available for purchase in the auction, split into two groups. 100 fish are available with a high computing power (180-240), and 400 fish are available with low computing power (70-100).

Higher computing power translates to increased rewards from mining.

Specific details of the auction mechanics and timetable may be found in the original announcement here.

Mining Protection Period

On May 1st, NeoFish added 2,000 NEO to be mined, and an additional 2,000 NEO will be added on June 15th. These NEO may be earned by placing fish into a fishbowl within the game and periodically visiting the game to collect rewards.

According to an announcement by the NeoFish team, it will be possible to begin mining a week after the end of the auction. During the first month of mining, only NeoFish fishbowls (NEO, NNC, and GAS) will be usable for NeoFish.

Airdrop Distribution

On May 6th, NeoFish completed the airdrop of NFISH tokens to members of its Telegram who held at least one NEO. Each participant received 2,000 NFISH tokens plus the number of NEO held in their wallet multiplied by 10. The maximum amount of tokens each person could receive was 5,000.