The NEO Foundation (NF) has announced an impending deadline for NEO (then Antshares) public token sale participants that have yet to collect their crowdsale funds. At the time of press, a total of 84,110 NEO sit unclaimed in nearly 65 different wallets.

NF outlines separate reclamation methods for “professional accounts” and “ordinary accounts.”

Professional accounts are required to use NEO-GUI to sign a public key. Then, email personal details from the crowdsale (such as NEO address, public key, and results of signing) to NGD for administrative review.

Ordinary accounts need to email NF and provide the NEO address used for the public token sale. To verify ownership of a receiving wallet, NF will ask the user to send a random small amount of GAS to the wallet address used in the crowdfund.

Once users are verified, NEO distributions are scheduled to occur at the end of the month the token claim application is submitted. However, NF states the NEO claimed does not include “the GAS generated [or] any other tokens airdropped.”

Token claims must be submitted to with the subject title “Claim for Crowdfunding Tokens” by 12:00am (UTC +8) on Thursday, October 17th, 2019.

New applications will not be processed after the deadline has passed.

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