Red Pulse, a market intelligence platform for China’s capital and financial markets has announced a partnership with Changelly.

The partnership will “soon” allow people to buy and sell PHB through the Changelly application using the Red Pulse platform. Changelly is an application that connects users to exchanges as non-custodial service.

PHB exists as a counterpart to Red Pulse Phoenix (PHX) on Binance’s new blockchain, Binance chain. All tokens held on the Binance platform will be automatically changed to the new PHB token – although deposits and withdrawals and deposits will be available for both token types.

Total circulating supply of Red Pulse tokens remains unchanged with the introduction of PHB as live tokens on one blockchain will have a frozen counterpart on the other. Red Pulse has stated that its website will provide 1:1 conversion back and forth.

The full announcement can be read at the below link: