Alphacat, an AI-powered robot advisor marketplace has published bi-monthly updates for the first half and second half of April 2019. April’s highlights include new ACAT Store application listings, a new payment functionality on the platform, and improvements to the AI forecasting engine.

The ACAT Store now lists 84 unique applications, an increase of four from the month prior. The majority of the applications are in the market forecasting, multi data, trading tools, asset allocation, and derivatives markets categories. The ACAT Store hosts apps created by Alphacat developers, integrated third-party teams, and completely independent third-party developers.

Added functionality and improvements

According to the most recent report, an ACAT Store payment function is planned for launch in the near future. While some applications will remain free for use, paid applications will “use the store’s native points system to let users pay for services. The store points are made available by exchanging ACAT tokens in a 1:1 ratio.”

April also saw Alphacat developers make improvements to the AI forecasting engine. Tests and refinements to real-time forecasting and trading systems based on cryptocurrency futures are underway. Further, the team reports necessary procedures, documentation, and preliminary real-time tests have been completed.

Looking forward, Alphacat plans to study the differences in the “effects of the AI forecast trading system, and the causes in the case of different market data cycles.”