QLC Chain has announced it has joined the O-Ran Alliance, an “innovation-driven group of operators [and] vendors that are committed to optimizing the network infrastructure” and “enhanced service systems.” The Network-as-a-Service (NaaS) provider purports to be the first blockchain project to join the O-Ran Alliance.

O-Ran Alliance members include telecom and network infrastructure companies such as AT&T, China Mobile, Deutsche Telekom, T Mobile, Sprint, Verizon, Singtel, and Orange among many others. Alliance members seek to develop “multi-vendor, interoperable, [and] autonomous” network operations while simultaneously reducing operative business expenditures (OPEX).

QLC Chain recently developed a cross-chain staking interoperability protocol between its NEP-5 QLC and its GO-QLC MainNet utility token QGAS. As a part of the alliance, QLC Chain hopes to “spearhead the blockchain enabled initiatives” with O-Ran.

Radio access network (RAN) sharing is a method mobile telephone network operators utilize to share radio access infrastructure such as antennas, masts, and backhaul equipment. Allen Li, QLC Chain chief architect, has prior RAN sharing experience as he owns a patent entitled the “method and apparatus for obtaining information from target base station.”

Currently, QLC Chain seeks to develop a solution that conducts “auto billing of different virtual communication resources on the same physical base station.” Such “smart billing” may apply to firewalls, storage, routing, and addressing services.

On joining the O-Ran Alliance, Li is excited to coordinate with a collective that strives to “drive innovation, standardization, and application.” Further, he believes “with the adoption of QLC Chain, the fragmented ownership of network resources, smart billing, [and] smart sharing will be [quickly] implemented in the future network structure.”

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