TranslateMe, a translation service using the NEO blockchain has published a roundup post that covers everything the team has been working on during April. The month¬†was described as “very busy and exciting” for TranslateMe as the team continued on development.

Telegram Translator

April saw TranslateMe launch the MVP of its Telegram Translator for Android which offers users of Telegram chat groups the option of reading and replying to all of the messages in their native language. The service also rewards users for correcting machine translations and is claimed to currently support 20,000 users with 100 new users being added every day. An iOS version currently under development and is aimed to be released sometime in June this year.

Instant Document Translation Platform

TranslateMe also worked on its Instant Document Translation platform with its Alpha version planned for release this month. Development for the service was expanded so that people can submit their own human translations to improve the quality of the final product. The service allows for the addition of a QR code to printed documents, that when scanned directs the users to a digital version that can be automatically translated into any preferred language.

The team notes that it has completed a considerable amount of background work on the Instant Document Translation platform and has 30 translators who have already signed up for testing purposes. Once the platform goes live, companies will be able to translate documents by paying with NEO, GAS, or the platform’s own token, TMN. People who translate documents will also receive rewards in said cryptocurrencies.

Alpha Network Launch

TranslateMe expects an MVP test launch in May for community mining rigs to earn rewards in TMN. The launch follows the platform’s own hardware procurement efforts and the establishment of its mining facility. Once live, the network will provide the computing power needed to train TranslateMe’s language models for automatic translation.


TranslateMe has secured four partnerships with each playing a “contributing role” in helping to establish its ecosystem. The platform partnered with the decentralized IoT service to provide it with integrated translation services, as well as, a media platform that was described as solving “major content censorship issues” that will integrate TranslateMe’s plugin so that users can browse content in their chosen language.

The two other partnerships are with, a media house based in South Africa and with, a company that specializes in mobile application development. These partnerships are claimed to help reduce TranslateMe’s development costs and provide “cost-effective assistance.”


Finally, the team updated readers in its efforts of marketing and the growth of its social media channels. TranslateMe’s Telegram following tripled and its Twitter following doubled. These numbers were achievable thanks to two initiatives held throughout April. An airdrop was held giving away 1,500 TMN tokens to 2,000 Switcheo users as well as a treasure hunt bounty¬†program following the release of its Android application.

The full report can be found at the link below: