Da Hongfei and various other entities from within the NEO ecosystem are taking the stage at Consensus 2019 on May 14th in New York, US. Additionally, NEO is one of the sponsors of the annual cryptocurrency conference.

Last September, Da participated on a panel at Consensus: Singapore 2018, titled “Ethereum meets NEO” alongside the Ethereum Foundation’s Virgil Griffith.

Representatives will be on hand from NEO Foundation, NEO Global Development (NGD), and NEO St. Petersburg Competence Center (NEO SPCC). Additionally, ecosystem project Nash Exchange will be in attendance, though no presentations by any of the team members are scheduled.

On the 14th, the following representatives are scheduled to speak:

  • Da Hongfei, CEO of NGD and co-founder of NEO
  • Sergei Liubich, co-founder of NEO St Petersburg Competence Center
  • Peter Lin, co-designer of NEO
  • John deVadoss, head of NGD Seattle
  • Longfei Wang, NGD blockchain engineer

At 9:00 am (UTC – 4), Da will deliver a 30-minute presentation on “The Next Phase of NEO.” The presentation marks Da’s first public speech since the announcement that he will be assuming the role of CEO of NGD Shanghai and NGD Seattle.

At 1:00 pm, Liubich is scheduled to speak about “NEO SPCC: Towards Distributed Data Storage for the Smart Economy.” At NEO DevCon in February 2019, NEO SPCC demonstrated a proof-of-concept video of its distributed decentralization storage platform. Additionally, the presentation included examples of use cases, fault tolerance, and the rewards system.

At 1:25 pm, Lin will be presenting on the topic of “NEO ID: Basic Infrastructure of NEO 3.0.” Currently, there are a variety of candidates for NeoID, with Swisscom’s SeraphID among the most prominent. The goal of NeoID is to allow users to manage their own identity within the NEO blockchain and enable smart contracts/dApps/third parties to verify the identity of the user and the validity of their claims.

Lastly, at 2:00 pm, deVadoss and Wang will spend an hour presenting on “The NEO Experience – Simplifying dApp Development.” The talk will focus on how the developer experience can be improved, and according to the latest monthly report from NEO, a newly packaged NEO toolkit for VS Code will be presented alongside a NEO Express Node demo.

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