NEO Global Development (NGD) has released its April 2019 monthly report, which announced that NEO founder Da Hongfei is going to assume the role of NGD CEO. In an open letter that preceded the report, Da states that he will be responsible for the strategy and operations of both the NGD Shanghai and NGD Seattle offices.

In addition to the announcement, NGD has restructured the format of its monthly reports to incorporate progress the NGD Seattle office and various other global developer communities.

NGD restructuring

In addition to Da assuming the role of CEO, the April report announced several other changes. In an open letter to the public, Da states “adjustments to the NGD organizational structure have been made to more effectively align with the NEO Foundation’s long term strategic goals.”

As part of the restructuring, Peter Lin, director of research and development (R&D), and Johnson Zhao, general manager of NGD, will leave their current positions to “take on new initiatives in the greater NEO community.” Further, NGD marketing specialist, Grace Gui, and R&D engineer, Steven Liu, have joined the NEO Foundation to assist with technical community coordination.

The Eco Fund, which was previously managed by NEO Global Capital (NGC) has been integrated into the NGD Ecosystem Growth Fund “to provide more direct support to ecosystem projects and partners.”

Da also promoted the NEO 3.0 roadmap, which NEO co-founder Erik Zhang recently outlined and released. Da stated, 3.0 “will be a robust blockchain implementation with high throughput, enhanced stability and security, an optimized smart contract system, and a feature-packed infrastructure set for diverse business application scenarios.”

Additionally, Da mentioned, “the long-awaited financial report will soon be released.”

NGD Shanghai: Development progress & events

NEO’s delegated Byzantine Fault Tolerance (dBFT) 2.0 was launched onto the NEO TestNet in April, in preparation for the MainNet upgrade. Further, NGD released version 2.10.1 of its node client neo-cli, and pre-released v2.10.2 on GitHub. Lastly, improvements to the performance of the NeoVM and bug fixes were applied, among other developmental progress updates.

The report also highlighted various events attended throughout the month. Among these was NGD’s first workshop in Zurich, which was followed by a three-day training event joint organised by NGD and Swisscom, also in Zurich.

Another notable event was NEOJOY 2019 which took place in Beijing, China. The half-day event featured discussions on the value of the blockchain gaming industry and aimed to convey a deeper understanding of the NEO ecosystem to its attendees.

NGD Seattle

NGD Seattle’s efforts to integrate itself into the blockchain community of the Pacific North West in the US were highlighted in the report. NGD Seattle was invited to become a founding member of the Cascadia Blockchain Council, as well as serve on the steering committee. The Cascadia Blockchain Council covers Washington and Oregon in the USA, and British Columbia in Canada.

With a focus on improving the developer experience, NGD Seattle is also packaging up a NEO toolkit for VS Code and a NEO Express Node demo, which the team plans to exhibit at Consensus 2019 in New York, US.

Global developer community updates

While NEO News Today delivers quarterly development summaries, NEO’s monthly reports have begun to include monthly updates. April’s report includes progress from NEO SPCC, NeoResearch, COZ, Neow3j, NEXT, NewEconoLabs, O3 Labs, and NEO-ONE.

Progress highlights can be seen on the infographic below.

The full monthly report can be found at the below link: