nOS recently updated the nOS Client, which assists in back-end development of dApps that interact with smart contracts, to version 0.6. nOS also announced a lock and burn of company tokens from the most recent token release.

nOS Client update

The nOS Client’s last upgrade took place in January 2019. Now, Client v0.6 has integrated support for multiple blockchains, including NEO, Ethereum, EOS, and Tron. Further, the release also includes “major account management updates, in anticipation of the nOS blockchain and multi-blockchain support.”

The update also includes guest mode sessions, which allow the user to browse and use the nOS browser without being logged into a saved blockchain account.

nOS also reports that the development stage for its identity bridge is nearly complete. The identity bridge is a tool for server-side applications that interact with various cryptocurrencies.

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Lock and Burn

nOS has conducted a token burn and lock-up event with company tokens that were released on Tuesday, April 30th. Per the vesting schedule, 37.6 million NOS in company allocation unlocked. Of these tokens, 7.8 million NOS were burnt and permanently removed from circulation.

29.8 million NOS were also locked in a “(non-technical) lock-up address.” nOS aims to unlock tokens in this address at a rate of 3% per month following the genesis block of the nOS blockchain MainNet.

The current circulating supply is 102.5 million NOS with a total supply of 330 million NOS.

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nOS ID Developer Competition

The Client update follows an announcement of the second developer competition, which calls on developers to build web applications that incorporate nOS ID and the NOS token.

The top five entries will split a pool of 275,000 NOS tokens.

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