Pixudi, an online board race game, has launched Season 2, introducing a series of updates to enhance the gaming experience. This season, Enigma of Lost Ships, unfolds with a new storyline centered around the mysterious disappearance of treasure-laden ships, inviting players to solve the mystery and break an ancient curse.

The team will commemorate the launch with a special opportunity; triple experience points for games played on Board 2, starting from March 7.

Game updates

Season 2 brings fresh gameplay elements and improvements, including an array of new items such as the Black Mark, Pasta in a Bottle, and Storm Wind in a Flask, designed to enhance strategic depth. New mystery packs for the update are now available for sale, which introduce 145 new collectible characters, including 5 at the unique tier. A full accounting of collectibles for the game can be found in the Pixudi Manual.

New Enigma of Lost Ships packs. Source: Pixudi.com

The game board has also been updated with new spaces like the Tradesman and Coastline, offering new challenges and opportunities for adventure. The acquisition of cursed pearls remains a central theme, with updated mechanisms for finding these pearls through exploration and interaction.

Neo tutorial

The second season makes continued use of Neo blockchain technology, most notably with NeoFS, which provides storage infrastructure for assets. As in season 1, mystery packs for the latest update can also be purchased and minted on the Neo blockchain.

To commemorate the launch, the team released a tutorial using Pixudi with Neo as part of an initiative to add comprehensive guides for users on all supported networks. The tutorial shows asset acquisition, character setup, and how to start playing.

Season 2: Enigma of Lost Ships can be found at the Pixudi website below: