General Updates

Neo released its general monthly report for January 2024, which noted the alpha launch of Neo X TestNet, the addition of a new office in Hong Kong, and more.

Neo introduced the Neo Japan Community, dedicated to growing the ecosystem in that region of the globe. Neo Japan Community includes dedicated socials such as X, Medium, Telegram, and Discord and is aimed at making Neo ecosystem information available to the Japanese speaking market.

FameAI launched an AI brand ambassador, a female character named Naeomi, dedicated to the Neo blockchain. Naeomi is designed to leverage AI to market the Neo ecosystem to other Web3 entities.

GrantShares proposal – create coupons topped up with any NEP-17 token was put on-chain for voting. At the time of press, the proposal has received two votes in favor, two votes in opposition, and one vote in abstinence. Additionally, Pixudi put its proposal for a second milestone round of funding on-chain and has received seven out of eight votes in favor of releasing funding.

Meme2Earn concluded the Neo X Vs. Toxic MEV meme campaign, and the team distributed the equivalent of US $500 in prizes.

ITEM Systems and DENVER WALLS were highlighted in an article about their footprint at the ETHDenver blockchain conference and the ongoing buy-one, get-one campaign in collaboration with a local business.

ITEM Systems announced plans to partner with a new artist and install a new non-fungible item plaque. The upcoming mural, A Sea of Hope, will be installed in Santos, Brazil. Once tapped, the in-browser mobile app will share more information about the artist and include an interactive map of local destinations and potential discount offerings.

Flamingo shared statistics on the top tokens by volume for Week 9 of 2024, which included bNEO with approximately $11.1 million, FLM with $10.3 million, and fWBTC with $3.47 million.

NNT Catch Up

NNT’s editors co-hosted Crypto Coffee and Blockchain Beer Spaces #9 on the Smart Economy Podcast X. Topics of discussion included Neo’s footprint at ETHDenver 2024, Bitcoin’s Layer 2 solutions, zero-knowledge rollouts, and how Neo can have a bigger footprint at ETHDenver 2025.

Pixudi launched Season 2, introducing a series of updates to enhance the gaming experience. This season, Enigma of Lost Ships, unfolds with a new storyline centered around the mysterious disappearance of treasure-laden ships, inviting players to solve the mystery and break an ancient curse.


March 15: NNT Editors hosting CC & BB #10 on The Smart Economy Podcast official X account.