Blockchain-powered and NFT-enabled online board race game Pixudi has released its 2024 roadmap, with enhancements and new features aimed at taking the game’s development to the next level. Roadmap items include revamping dueling mechanics, launching new seasons, and introducing a dynamic game economy.

Partially funded by GrantShares, Pixudi officially launched in late 2023 utilizing Neo blockchain technology for payments, NFT minting, and data storage via NeoFS. In a conversation with NNT, Pixudi claimed the game has already had over 1,000 players amassing over 70,000 games played to date. 

Since launch, the Pixudi has seen an array of additions and updates, with a dozen weekly refreshes already implemented to enhance gameplay. Much more of the same is planned for 2024. 


Early in the year, Pixudi plans to completely overhaul the game’s dueling mechanics, introducing an array of spells, curses, elixirs, and brews to enrich the combat experience. Furthermore, players can look forward to the strategic advantage of pets, which will play a pivotal role in securing victories.

Scheduled for February 29, the launch of Season 2 will bring a new board, as well as a blend of new characters, mechanics, and items. Accompanying this rollout is the sale of Season 2 mystery packs, offering players unique and rare assets to enhance their gameplay. 

Source: Pixudi X

Prior to mid-year, Pixudi anticipates introducing tournaments, alongside the integration of new economics to include an updated in-game currency system.

The NFT marketplace, planned to debut in mid-2024, will provide a platform for trading Pixudi assets, further enriching the opportunities for community engagement. Additionally, new gameplay mechanics, including a Wheel of Fortune with a jackpot, character equipment, and novel board mechanics and resources, are on the horizon.

The latter part of the year will witness the launches of Seasons 3 and 4, introducing new boards to explore and character and item packs to collect. An interactive map feature will allow players to own and enhance their own islands, complete with functional buildings like magic schools and ateliers, deepening the gameplay experience.

In another planned extension to the Pixudi world, Pixudi Pets will allow players to collect and raise their pets, adding a layer of depth and personalization to the game. Details on this feature will be unveiled as the year progresses, promising new adventures and digital companionship.

Finally, a pre-launch of its project token has also been hinted at, tentatively scheduled for late 2024. Pixudi plans to share more information as the launch approaches.

Pixudi’s 2024 Roadmap announcement can be seen here: