Schrute Bucks, a new “attention token,” has sprung from within the Neo community and the founder is accumulating Neo addresses for a future airdrop. The token has been designed to motivate users to explore the Neo network through various tasks, such as retweets and posting to Meme2Earn.

Schrute Bucks is a play on The Office, a mockumentary-style television show that originated in Britain and had an equally, if not more popular, US adaptation. In the show, the Schrute Buck was a “currency used for motivation” when the character, Dwight Schrute, became the temporary manager of the office. As a sign of protest to the change in leadership, another character, Stanley Hudson, created an equally fictitious currency, the Stanley Nickel, to discredit the previously created currency.

There will be a total of 1.18 billion SCHRUTE NEP-17 tokens, most of which can be earned via airdrop or various social media activities. Each user can receive 1,000 SCHRUTE per wallet for inputting their Neo address on the Get Schrute Bucks airdrop page by March 15, 2024.

According to a Twitter post, other potential avenues for rewards include:

  • 1,000 SCHRUTE: Follow the Schrute Bucks Twitter account, retweet at least one post, and write a Tweet mentioning @GetSchruteBucks.
  • 2,000 SCHRUTE: creating a TikTok video about Schrute Bucks.
  • 5,000 SCHRUTE:  Posting at least one Schrute Bucks-related meme on Meme2Earn four consecutive weeks.

About The Builder

Built on Neo N3, Schrute Bucks is a grassroots project founded by the pseudonymous Hastalapizza. A self-proclaimed lurker, Hastalapizza has been following Neo since early 2017 when it was AntShares, as it was one of the first five cryptocurrencies they ever purchased. Despite their current status as a lurker, Hastalapizza was once a mod for the r/altcoins sub-Reddit and, in 2016/17, maintained a crypto-focussed blog that amassed 50,000 monthly readers at its peak.

Hastalapizza has a history of tinkering in blockchain ecosystems, with a resume of running ASIC miners, Helium miners, and Lightning nodes on Raspberry Pi. Their prior smart contract development experience includes building on Hyperledger and Binance Smart Chain. In a conversation with NNT, they said learning a specific programming language was the downside to those chains. Leveraging COZ’s Neo3-Boa Python tool for writing smart contracts, Hastalapizza could build using a programming language that they’re most familiar.

Looking Forward

Alongside Schrute Bucks, Hastalapizza has also put forth a proposal to the GrantShares community funding DAO. With, they seek to create a platform that allows users to generate vouchers and coupons, share them with friends and family, and top them up with NEP-17 tokens. The platform will be designed to onboard new users with just an email address and the

Source: GrantShares

Looking forward, Hastalapizza intends to conduct the SCHRUTE token airdrop and launch a secondary token. Plans are for both tokens to have liquidity pools on Forthewin Network (e.g., GAS-SCHRUTE). Anyone interested in contributing to the forthcoming GAS-SCHRUTE liquidity pool is encouraged to submit an email to

More information about Schrute Bucks can be found at the below link: