Neo Global Development has introduced Quirky Soul College into the Neo EcoBoost program. QSC is a story-driven NFT game featuring a collection of 10,000 unique NFTs called Quirky Souls, which allow their owners to join the College, level up, and participate in the evolving story.

QSC was founded by Michael Fabozzi, the creator of NFT-lending pioneer Rentfuse, an award-winning project in the 2021 Neo Launchpad hackathon. QSC was built to explore new ways to engage with digital collectibles and the potentials of blockchain technology.

Mechanics for the game center on the Quirky Soul character NFTs, which are minted with randomly generated traits to determine character appearance and rarity. Each character has a set of attributes which can be enhanced by sending them on ventures. Successful ventures are rewarded with Fresh Dark Elixir (FDE), a NEP-17 token that can be spent to facilitate various in-game actions.

A Quirky Soul NFT character and its attributes (Source: QSC)

In the announcement, Fabozzi offered praise for Neo as a development platform:  “From a technology standpoint, Neo N3 is incredible. It offers a huge developer toolset for easily creating smart contracts.”

John Wang, Neo’s Director of Eco Growth, emphasized the role of NFTs in representing decentralized identities. Reiterating Neo’s commitment to NFT projects, Wang noted, “The collaboration with QSC aligns with our vision of the digital future.”

About EcoBoost

Initiated in 2019, the EcoBoost program received $100 million in funding to recruit partners. In 2022, the program relaunched with a $200 million treasury, focusing on onboarding dApps, projects, and teams into the Neo ecosystem. The program’s objective is to incubate businesses that contribute to the growth and success of projects utilizing the Neo blockchain.

Members of the EcoBoost program can become eligible for lifecycle support, including funding up to $50,000, technological assistance, community access, marketing support, token listings, stimulation of liquidity, and access to other industry resources. For more information about the application process, visit Neo’s Eco Support page.

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