General Updates

Neo Global Development hosted the second GAS station of its APAC Hackathon tour in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. During the event, NGD held a panel entitled Marketing and Brand Building in the Crypto Space. The discussion featured NGD senior marketing manager Songping Que, Blockbase managing partner Jack Nguyen, Followin head of research Peter Bui, BingX brand PR manager Vivian Vy , and OKX senior BD manager Huynh Quoc Nam. Taking home US $5,000 prizes and an invitation to the Hong Kong finale were winners INTOverse and XOX Labs, with the latter saying positive things about building on the Neo EVM side chain.

NGD opened registration for the APAC Hackathon GAS Station in Bangalore, India, which will take place the weekend of Aug. 26 and 27.

NGD established a strategic partnership with CoinEasy for the APAC Hackathon tour. CoinEasy is a Korea-based one-stop crypto hub for education, community, insights, tools, and global accessibility.

Quirky Soul College joined the Neo EcoBoost program. As part of the partnership, Neo aims to provide comprehensive support to QSC, nurturing its growth into a decentralized community.

Flamingo Finance shared statistics on the FLUND single-sided staking fund for Week 31 of 2023, noting a total value of approximately US $6.7 million, total minting rewards of $2.07 million, and total trading fee rewards of $367,000.

O3 Labs announced that it is ending its Neo cross-chain campaign. The competition was disrupted after Poly Network suffered an attack in July and paused its services. O3 Labs will draw winners from those who successfully met competition requirements before the service was suspended.

Developer Updates

COZ launched BoaBot, an AI tool crafted to aid Neo N3 developers in writing Python smart contracts. This service is currently available for beta testing on the COZ Discord’s #develop channel and is powered by ChatGPT. BoaBot was trained on the neo3-boa compiler, a tool to convert Python code into NeoVM contract bytecode. BoaBot’s primary objective is to assist with neo3-boa compiler-related queries, but it can also tackle basic questions about other Neo components.

NGD hosted a smart contract development workshop for the APAC Hackathon tour, conducted by CryptoZombies head of content Andrei Popescu. The workshop followed a two-part course designed by the team. The first section of the guide demonstrated how to write, compile, and deploy a smart contract using C#. In the second part, the team taught how to interact with a deployed contract via the Neon.js SDK, using NeoNS as an example.

NGD hosted another coding workshop for the APAC Hackathon tour, conducted by R3E Network co-founder Jinghui Liao. The workshop focused on Neo’s native real-time oracle services, and covered the basics of oracles, why Neo needs an oracle system, and how oracle systems work.


Aug. 15: Unlocking the Chain hosting a Twitter Spaces for Neo ecosystem.
Aug. 17: NNT to join a GhostMarket Twitter Spaces.
Aug. 26 – 27: Neo APAC Hackathon GAS Station stop in Bangalore, India.