Ryu Games has announced the upcoming launch of NEO-based NFT (non-fungible token) collectibles, following the team’s recent contributions to the NEO NFT standard, NEP-11. Collectibles ranging in rarity will be awarded to tournament participants, with each token being unique and based on the theme of the game they are earned in.

Ryu Games is a blockchain-based gaming platform that aims to enable players to compete in skill-based, real-money tournaments in online games. The team has also released two iOS games, Slime Soccer and Volleyball Slime, both of which have begun distributing NFT collectibles to players on the Ontology blockchain.

Following the team’s NEO NFT contract implementation, the games will begin issuing NFTs at random on both the NEO or Ontology blockchain. Each collectible has a unique 120 character DNA string, the first part of which is used to determine the collectible’s color/rarity.

Ryu Games CEO Ross Krasner commented:

“We’re excited to be working with both NEO and Ontology — as they both have strengths and use-cases that we were able to find for our company.”

The announcement also mentions recent contributions to the NEP-11 NFT standard on NEO by Ryu Games CTO, Wyatt Mufson, who co-authored the OEP-5 NFT standard for the Ontology blockchain. According to Mufson, the NEP-11 standard focuses on “interoperability and usability.”

Following a review stage for updated contract implementations, NEP-11 will be finalized, providing NEO developers with a standard structure to use as a template for designing and deploying their own NFT contracts.