Magic Cube, a NEO-based blockchain gaming platform, has released information about its upcoming staking partner program and token giveaway. The program seeks to “[provide] staking partners with maximum benefits, while also decentralizing the Magic Cube ecosystem.”

Users who participate in the staking partner program may receive benefits such as:

  • An estimated 30% discount from the market price of MCC’s Ethereum trading pair
  • Bonuses for recruiting partners
  • Voting rights on the Magic Cube exchange
  • Access to “VIP activities”
  • Magic Cube online mall discounts

To become a part of the staking partner program, users must stake 500,000 MCC tokens. While the MCC tokens are a NEP-5 asset, the MCC Staking Partnership Plan portal only accepts ETH.

Tokens purchased through the portal are automatically locked in a NEO wallet for 12 months. However, with each new staking partner recruited, the lock-up period decreases by 50%. For example, if an individual recruits one staking partner, the lock-up period would drop to six months. If they then recruited a second partner, the lock-up duration would decrease to three months.

Magic Cube also notes that the rights and interests of staking partners may be passed on to their designated heirs.

To celebrate the launch of the program, Magic Cube is hosting a Staking Partner Yacht Party in Los Angeles, CA in early-September. The specific date has yet to be determined, and users can expect further announcements on Magic Cube’s Telegram and Twitter channels.

Registration for a staking account can be found at the following link:

Token Giveaway

In conjunction with the launch of the staking partner program, Magic Cube is conducting an MCC airdrop competition. The competition began August 9th, and will run until 12:00 pm on Saturday, August 31st or until 250 participants register.

To qualify, users must follow Magic Cube’s Twitter account, then like and retweet this Twitter post. Each participant is then required to leave a unique comment describing their “favorite part of the staking partnership plan.”
Lastly, participants must fill out the following Google form:

Each individual who participates in the comment competition will receive a 200 MCC token airdrop. Additionally, the top three responses chosen by Magic Cube will receive an additional 5,000 MCC each.

Magic Cube aims to distribute rewards within 48 hours after the conclusion of the competition.

The full announcement can be found at the link below: