DogeRift, a forthcoming play-to-earn game on Neo N3, will incorporate non-fungible, governance, and utility tokens into its 2D and 3D gaming universe. Two of the GameFi platform’s tokens, DOGER and DOGEF, have already launched on N3 and are available via Flamingo’s reverse pools. While the mascot of the popular memecoin inspired the DogeRift NFT series, there is no affiliation with the DOGE cryptocurrency.

The DogeRift game will offer two types of gameplay, player-versus-environment and player-versus-player, each with its own play-to-earn mechanics. Users must first purchase a Doge character from the DogeRift marketplace in order to play. As the player progresses through the game, they earn the Doge Food Token, which can purchase character improvements or customizations for a tokenized plot of land.

As time progresses, the game creators intend to release improvements and additions to DogeRift. In each cycle of updates, new content will be added, including NFTs, lands, gameplay modes, and events.

Bored Doge NFT Club

The Bored Doge NFT Club collectible series has been designed to reward early game participants. The NFTs have three rarity types that include rare (1x utility), ultra rare (3x utility), and legendary (10x utility). Initially, NFT holders will be eligible for NFT and DOGEF token airdrops. In future updates, the team will announce additional uses for its NFTs.

Source: DogeRift

There is a total supply of 5,000 NFTs in the Bored Doge NFT Club series, and each will carry a mint cost of 9 GAS when made available.

DogeRift Token

DOGER is the governance token of the game, which will allow users to participate in staking and be involved in the direction of the platform’s development. For staking, users receive DOGER rewards.

The total DOGER supply is 100 trillion tokens, and 55% of the token supply will be distributed through Flamingo. 5 trillion will be reserved to bootstrap a reverse liquidity pool on Flamingo, 15 trillion DOGER for future FRP liquidity, and 35 trillion for FRP rewards over the next five years. The rest of the DOGER tokens will be allocated accordingly:

  • Core team: 15 trillion DOGER
  • Marketing, giveaways: 10 trillion DOGER
  • Exchanges: 10 trillion DOGER
  • Partners and advisers: 5 trillion DOGER
  • Play-to-earn rewards: 5 trillion DOGER

DOGER spent on minting a Doge NFT will be burnt.

Doge Food Token

There is an unlimited supply of the DOGEF token, which is earned as a reward for playing the DogeRift game. The utility token of the game, DOGEF allows users to create new characters, improve character stats, customize characters, and craft items.

Though unlimited, DOGEF will launch with an initial supply of 100 trillion tokens. Much like DOGER, most of these tokens will be distributed for participating in the broader Neo ecosystem. Similarly, 5 trillion DOGEF is reserved to bootstrap a reverse liquidity pool on Flamingo, 15 trillion for future FRP liquidity, and 35 trillion for FRP rewards over the next five years.

A higher ratio of DOGEF is apportioned for in-game use, with 20 trillion for in-game rewards and 5 trillion for Bored Doge NFT minters.

The game creators anticipate the supply of DOGEF will increase in proportion to its user base.

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