After four years of episodes, the Neo News Today Podcast is rebranding as the Smart Economy Podcast. The new show will continue to focus on builders, developers, and businesses in the blockchain industry. However, the pool of guests will be expanded beyond Neo to include experts from multiple industries and ecosystems.

The Smart Economy Podcast aims to deliver insights from subject matter experts from all facets of the blockchain space. Whereas the original podcast focused specifically on Neo’s technology and dApps, the Smart Economy Podcast will delve into subjects that have a much broader relevancy to the blockchain industry. Examples of future series might include those that focus on regulatory compliance, NFTs, DeFi, mainstream adoption, privacy, and other big picture topics in vogue.

The Smart Economy Podcast will feature both individual and multi-episode series that explore key topics. Each series will likely feature multiple interviews, so the cadence at which episodes release might increase compared to the previous bi-monthly Neo News Today podcast schedule.

Dylan Grabowski, host of the show said:

We’re excited to bring the Smart Economy Podcast to life, and showcase the diversity of minds across the blockchain space. The NNT team believes our listeners and the ecosystem can benefit from the knowledge and expertise that our guests will have to share. We look forward to embarking on this new journey, and hope you enjoy our new focus on bringing you broader insights!

Current subscribers of the NNT Podcast will be able to hear the first few episodes of the Smart Economy Podcast via the existing NNT podcast feed. However in future, the current feed will deliver only Week In Review news updates, and listeners who wish to hear the Smart Economy Podcast will need to subscribe to the new feed.

Episodes and links to Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, and more can be found at

First Series – Decentralized Autonomous Organizations

The inaugural Smart Economy Podcast series focuses on DAOs. The first blockchain-based DAO (i.e., “The DAO”) launched in the Ethereum ecosystem in 2016 and served as an investor-directed venture capital fund. In the years since, DAOs have been developed for a wide range of applications, including fractional ownership governance, treasury management, humanitarian donations, and much more. To represent this diversity in DAOs, each episode will feature a guest that has a unique perspective on the technology.

In episode one, Dylan is joined by the pseudonymous Jon ShapeShift, co-founder and former COO of the Shapeshift exchange. The pair discuss Shapeshift’s decision to shut down as a corporate entity and migrate entirely to a DAO model.

Episode one can be found at the link below: