0xGames has integrated support for the Neo blockchain into its 3D racing game, 0xRacers. To celebrate the launch, 0xGames is offering a 50% discount on all 0xRacers presale Neo-based items through April 1st, 2020.

Various racing vehicles and their parts will be represented on the Neo blockchain as NEP-11 non-fungible tokens (NFT) that users can buy, sell, or trade. Examples of in-game items include various tiers of racing cars and tuning packages.

0xGames and Neo were connected through EcoBoost partner Arkane Network. Arkane is a wallet-as-a-service provider that seeks to improve the user experience of blockchain-based applications. Through the Arkane Wallet, users can connect their Neo wallet to a third party application that connects with various games in the 0xGames suite.

In a conversation with Neo News Today, Neo Global Development (NGD) ecosystem growth associate manager, Denis Suslov, said, “the 0xRacers game is a result of NGD’s work on bringing more games to Neo beginning last summer. The launch of games that are not only fun and look cool, but also make the full use of blockchain (with payments and NFTs) further activates the Neo ecosystem and proves the potential of the tech in the game industry.”

Individuals can join the alpha version of 0xRacers on its website, which currently allows users to participate in the presale. In addition to Neo, 0xRacers also offer support for other public blockchains like Ethereum, WAX, EOS, and Tron.

The announcement can be found at the link below: