NEO Global Development recently announced a collaboration with NeoWorld, a Second Life-esque blockchain-based sandbox game that allows users to explore, collect resources and build in a virtual world. A new 3D virtual continent referred to as NEOLAND will be created, with areas of land available to purchase through auction. The NEOLAND website can be found here.

Origin Land

NEOLAND has an independent financial fund, which receives revenue from land auctions, transaction fees, customs revenue, and other sources. NEOLAND consists of nine regions, with the first known as the Origin Land, located in the southwest corner.

To allow users to quickly begin construction, 4,000 NEO has been added as an initial financial fund. 70% of auction revenue will be added to this fund.

These land sections are divided into three mains types; common land, rare land, and special rare land. Rare land contains simple resources such as steel, stone, lumber, and coastline access. Special rare land plots include minerals, high-tech materials, and central business district areas.

Land Auctions

The initial round of auctions for the Origin Land begins on December 27th, with the starting prices and quantities for each plot type available here alongside a quiz where a limited edition T-shirt may be won.

Instructions for the auction and details regarding each of the special land attributes and resources can be found in the introductory post located here.

Auctions are held in NEO, with deposits now open here.

Origin Monument Competition

The NeoWorld team has also planned a design competition for a central sightseeing building in NEOLAND called the Origin Monument. Community designers are encouraged to send in their art proposals for the monument, as the community-voted winner will receive 10% of the sales revenue of the monument as a reward in addition to an ‘Origin gift package.’

Details regarding the design competition can be found here.