December 20th, NEO announced the first batch of speakers for NEO DevCon, scheduled to take place on February 16th and 17th, 2019 in Seattle, US. Speakers include Da Hongfei, Erik Zhang, and Johnson Zhao from NEO and representatives from Microsoft, Qihoo 360, Accenture Strategy, NEO St Petersburg Competency Center (NEO SPCC), and more.

NNT Catch Up

NNT published an overview of the NEO St Petersburg Competency Center (NEO SPCC) hackathon that was held on the 8th and 9th of December. Hackathon goals included introducing participants to NEO blockchain technologies, developing the NEO community in St Petersburg, locating potential NEO SPCC employees, and identifying projects to continue development at the NEO SPCC. The winning projects focused on developing solutions surrounding smart city, secure city, and a crypto-active economy themes.

Developer Groups

December 17th, NewEconoLabs (NEL) released NeoRay, a web-based smart contract debugger for the NEO blockchain, alongside a brief tutorial for its use. NeoRay is a “one-stop debugging tool” intended to help developers troubleshoot smart contracts and is based on NEL’s previously released NeonDebug smart contract toolkit. NeoRay consists of three components: an online NEO wallet, a C# code compiler, and a “transaction result parser” which analyzes the results of calling the functions of a smart contract.

December 18th, NEL released a bi-weekly report highlighting development details of various NEL projects, including its ZoroChain gaming sidechain, BlaCat game development platform, and NeoRay web-based smart contract debugger.


December 17th, NEO Name Service (NNS) announced increased integration with the O3 NEO wallet in its latest development update. The NNS decentralized exchange is now open, offering fixed-price trading, and support for domain selling through the O3 wallet. Lastly, NEL’s block explorer now includes an overview of NNS-related events.

December 17th, war strategy game Blocklords released details of its combat system and economy as it prepares to launch its closed beta on NEO TestNet. Players who want to join the Blocklords closed beta can sign up to the email list on the Blocklords website.

December 17th, Phantasma Chain announced the third activity in its Christmas Campaign. The Creative Contest is targeting designers and artists to participate and create Phantasma Chain content. 50,000 SOUL tokens have been allocated for the Creative Contest.

December 18th, DeepBrain Chain announced an update to its AI Training Net alongside a partnership with ZMINE, a Thai mining farm. DeepBrain also reported the release of its AI Training Net version

December 19th, Narrative released its reputation score system. Reputation affects how much influence each user has on the platform. The system influences vote outcomes, content ratings and may also prevent low reputation members from being able to perform specific actions. The scoring system is now live on Narrative Alpha.

December 19th, APEX Technologies released a progress update that highlights its focus on stability testing, upgrades, and implementing planned features. The update includes information on the blockchain team, wallet development, the state of its TestNet, and dApp deployment.

December 19th, Endorsit updated its dApp to version 1.0.2 following the completion of its closed beta testing in December. Endorsit is focusing on bug fixes and community feedback at this stage of testing.

December 19th, Jarvis+ published its weekly report highlighting the development of its search engine spider in preparation to co-host the Natural Language Generation (NLG) Challenge, in conjunction with Microsoft.

December 20th, Aphelion announced plans to relaunch its decentralized exchange onto MainNet. To meet compliance, Aphelion will be blocking all US-based residents from accessing and using its DEX. Additionally, Aphelion has made several updates to its smart contract code to improve the speed and processes of its DEX.

December 20th, Alphacat announced the launch of two in-house market analysis tools on the ACAT Store. The projects “will be launched soon” and are slated to join 54 other Alphacat-developed and third-party apps on the store. The new analysis tools are a Cryptocurrency Risk Analysis Bot and the ACE Index.

December 20th, Alchemint posted its bi-monthly update for the first half of December, highlighting development progress and events attended. The stable coin issuance provider is also preparing to launch onto MainNet in December.

December 20th, QLC Chain release its bi-weekly report including highlights about the development of its public chain, virtual private network (VPN) router, and information on how the router and WinQ interact. QLC is now seeking beta testers for WinQ 2.0, where users will get 1.5x WGAS during the testing period.

December 22nd, Aphelion announced its ICO Hub, which aims to remove the barriers of KYC processes and complicated token distributions by allowing “ICOs to simply mint their tokens and list them in phases directly on the DEX.” Aphelion has tentatively planned for the new function to launch in January of 2019.

December 22nd, Phantasma Chain announced a partnership with NEL, as well as its gaming subsidiary, BlaCat. Through the partnership, Phantasma will integrate support for NEO Name Service and BlaCat video games within the Phantasma application.

December 22nd, nOS published a suite of token utilities for its ecosystem. The tools are designed to make the platform “more accessible, engaging, and fun!” for both users and token holders.