Medieval war strategy game Blocklords, a NEO blockchain game in development for future release on the BlaCat platform, has released details of its combat system and economy as it prepares to launch its closed beta on the NEO TestNet.

Blocklords allows players to assume the role of medieval lords that fight to control cities, territory, items, and resources in the game world. Gaining martial control over in-game revenue sources such as cities and bazaars grants rulers real-world rights to a portion of the GAS assets generated by the game.


The combat system in Blocklords is centered around raids of strongholds and cities. Strongholds grant bonuses of food, random airdrops of rare and high-quality items, and troop regeneration. Control over strongholds is designed to be the key to long-term success in the game.

Cities are more heavily fortified than strongholds, and contain markets as well as city treasuries which grow each time a city is attacked. A city’s market transactions can be taxed and its city coffers can be skimmed each week by the player that controls the city, granting them real-world GAS.

Attacking an enemy will require a transaction on the parent blockchain and require a GAS fee. GAS fees vary depending on the type of battle initiated, and are always borne by the attacking party. Blocklords says that outcomes “will be determined from the hero stats, item stats, troop count, and a bit of luck.” These figures will be available to players in a matchup screen when deciding whether or not to initiate an attack.

Troop placement, in which players determine the physical layout of their troops on the battlefield, is a game mechanic currently under development that is also expected to influence the outcome of future battles.

Items and Weapons

Blocklords seeks to use an implementation of non-fungible tokens to represent the unique in-game leaders and their items. Items can be bought and sold in the marketplaces of cities, whose transactions are subject to taxes by their ruling party. Heroes’ Intelligence, Leadership, Speed, Defense, and Damage statistics are all affected by the items they use. Heroes can be created when initiating an account. Blocklords says that at this state in the game’s development, “Each NEO wallet can only have one linked hero,” and hero creation is expected to be “one of the bigger fees in the game.”

TestNet Closed Beta

Players who want to join the Blocklords closed beta on the NEO TestNet should sign up to the email list on the Blocklords website. The Blocklords team says they will reach out “as soon as we are ready to onboard new players.”

Blocklords’ full gameplay analysis can be viewed at the following link: