DeepBrain Chain, an artificial intelligence computing project, has announced an update to its AI Training Net alongside a partnership with ZMINE, a Thai mining farm. The announcements were released as part of a December 2018 progress report covering the project’s development.

AI Training Net

DeepBrain reports that its AI Training Net is “the primary focus of the [DeepBrain] team,” with version now released. Various network improvements have been included in the update, such as message compression, a network health status detector and dynamic acquisition of IPFS seed nodes. The new version also optimized DBC user commands, supports remote login for online debugging, and allows the execution of tasks while a mining machine is idle.

The team plans to release version 0.3.6 in relatively quick succession, which is slated to enable “a large software-defined virtual encryption network” through the use of point-to-point communication between any two nodes in the network.

DeepBrain is also running a free trial program for new users of its AI Training Net through the end of 2018.

ZMINE GPU Partnership

DeepBrain has announced a partnership with ZMINE, Thailand’s largest cryptocurrency mining operation. The partnership is said to grant the AI Training Net with “6800 GPUs over a 24-month period” and is designed to boost the network’s computing power. According to DeepBrain, 600 nVidia 1080Ti GPUs from the farm will be connected to the DeepBrain network by December 24th, which the team expects will increase the network size and capacity for AI training tasks considerably.

Publicity Tour

DeepBrain Chain attended and presented with the Japanese AI alliance, VisionX, at the 2018 Japan ViEW Conference. Sales VP Johnny Ma called on companies in Japan to offer DeepBrain Chain’s services to institutions.

DeepBrain Chain also demonstrated their project in Nanjing, China, where they acquired two paying customers who have agreed to replace their current usage of the AWS cloud with the DBC platform.

DeepBrain Chain’s full progress report can be viewed at the following link: