The social media and content economy platform Narrative has announced the release of its reputation score system, affectionately referred to as its “secret sauce” by the team. The reputation system is now live on the Narrative Alpha and will affect how much influence each user has on the platform.

The reputation scores can now be found next to each members’ username, along with a more detailed breakdown located on each user profile. The system influences vote outcomes, content ratings and may also prevent low reputation members from being able to perform certain actions.

Reputation Breakdown

A user’s reputation score can be separated into three core attributes:

  • SimpleRep (40%) – Calculated from positive and negative actions
  • Quality Analysis (40%) – Depends on the quality of content, comments, followers etc.
  • Certification (20%) – Whether or not the user has passed a KYC check

The Narrative team noted that during the alpha period, users may notice that their reputation scores are lower than expected. This is due to high impact activities such as content creation and certification not currently being available on the platform.

Low & High Reputation Status

After the beta launch, a second layer to the reputation system will be activated which will distinguish between low and high rep users based on their scores. Low reputation status is applied if a user has a SimpleRep score below 50, or a total reputation lower than 35. High reputation status is granted to members with a SimpleRep higher than 50, or a total reputation score above 75.

This distinction was created to differentiate between users with mixed behaviors. Narrative provided an example: “If someone consistently creates quality content, but constantly trolls others’ content or negatively impacts the network in other ways, they would fit into the High Score/Low Reputation scenario. This scenario hopefully won’t be common, but we’ve built in a mechanism to address it nonetheless.”

During the alpha, users may only increase their reputation by suggesting or voting on Niches. Following the beta release, a wider range of activities will be available that will impact reputation scores.