QLC Chain has released its bi-weekly report, which includes highlights about the development of its public chain, virtual private network (VPN) router, and how the router and WinQ interact.

On October 10th, QLC Chain’s Multidimensional Block Lattice blockchain launched on TestNet, which was covered by NEO News Today. Since then, the QLC Chain team notes it has received valuable feedback from its community about the wallet and block explorer.

Through the month of December, the development team has implemented support for multiple wallets on a single node and added calculation of voting weight, among other updates.

In the upcoming weeks, the team aims to implement a delegated proof of stake (dPoS) consensus, and integrate the virtual machine and smart contract, plus more tasks.

VPN Router and using it with WinQ

In an effort to reduce the barrier for bandwidth monetization, QLC Chain has designed its VPN Router to be compatible with the WinQ application. It’s VPN Router aims to expand broadband coverage and uses WinQ to connect to a global peer-to-peer (P2P) network.

Top VPN operators receive QLC as compensation for sharing their broadband connection by registering the asset on WinQ.

QLC is now seeking beta testers for WinQ 2.0, where users will get 1.5x WGAS during the testing period. WGAS was recently covered by NEO News Today.

Interested parties can apply for beta testing by submitting an email headlined “WinQ 2.0 beta” through the submission form located at the bottom of the following link: