Aphelion has announced they are adding a new function to their platform, the Aphelion ICO Hub. The ICO Hub announcement follows the recent declaration that Aphelion will relaunch onto MainNet, previously covered by NEO News Today.

The Aphelion ICO Hub aims to remove the barriers of KYC processes and complicated token distributions by allowing “ICOs to simply mint their tokens and list them in phases directly on the DEX.”

It is claimed the ICO Hub will achieve regulatory compliance as Aphelion has blacklisted US-participants from partaking in trading activity via the DEX. Once an ICO token has been minted, and the project’s distribution model defined, cleared Aphelion users will be able to purchase tokens directly from the DEX.

Aphelion has updated its smart contract to support the functionality of the Aphelion ICO Hub, and it is currently in the testing stage on its PrivateNet.

The DEX provider states it will “be holding the world’s first exchange based ICO in January,” and is also working on incorporating cross-chain functionality.