Phantasma Chain, an upcoming blockchain focusing on content distribution and data storage, has announced a partnership with the Chinese development group, NewEconoLabs (NEL). The announcement comes days after another Phantasma partnership announcement with the blockchain game development platform BlaCat, which is a subsidiary of NewEconoLabs.

NEL Partnership

Phantasma Chain states that the purpose of the NEL partnership is to “provide the best integration of NEO dApps within Phantasma Chain.” Phantasma’s dApp integration will include support for NEO Name Service, a NEL project providing “.neo” domain names for addresses on the NEO blockchain.

Phantasma Mobile App

Phantasma has stated its intention to give access to “your favorite dApps quickly and easily” by offering support for dApps on multiple blockchains, including NEO and Ethereum, through its Phantasma Mobile application. Phantasma says that “the number one goal with the Phantasma App is ease of use.”

BlaCat Partnership

Finally, Phantasma’s partnership with the NEL project, BlaCat, involves the two parties working together “to support the BlaCat videogames within the Phantasma App.” BlaCat’s goal is to let users “play a blockchain game like a conventional video game,” and works to help game developers integrate blockchain-based game elements “seamlessly.”

Phantasma Chain’s full partnership announcement with NewEconoLabs can be read at the following link: