Endorsit has updated its dApp to version 1.0.2. Endorsit announced the new iteration in its weekly progress report. Its internal beta phase follows the completion of Endorsit’s closed beta testing, which ended earlier in the month of December 2018. Internal beta testers were selected from Endorsit’s Chinese investor community.

Endorsit v1.0.2 Development

Endorsit is focusing on bug fixes and community feedback for its mobile dApp at this stage of testing. User feedback is driving the development of future versions of the Endorsit dApp.

Endorsit’s voting and weight calculations, which will be used to assign rewards to content creators, are still under development, and “are not connected to the formal assessment environment.” Endorsit’s dApp is currently Android-only, with an iOS version planned for release during an upcoming testing period with public accounts. A second round of internal testers will also be added at this phase.

Endorsit’s full development report can be viewed at the following link: