Endorsit has published the 32nd edition of its weekly report series, covering the period of November 26th to December 2nd. Endorsit claims to be creating a “futuristic content distribution ecosystem” together with a dual token economy (EDS and EDC) to measure and incentivize the creation of high-quality content.

The latest report from Endorsit covers the progress of its decentralized application, internal test recruitment initiative, and some updates for its community.

The team updated its dApp that is currently in closed beta to version 0.3.7. As part of the update, the application’s voting process for content was overhauled and included bug fixes for closed beta users.

The next components to be addressed were the user permission configurations. According to Endorsit, these permissions have been adjusted according to the feedback from the closed beta users. Affected accounts include those designated with “tourist” and “restricted” classifications.

The application’s internal wallet application was temporarily removed. The wallet will instead be independently redeveloped to be compatible with Endorsit’s wider ecology in the future. EDS – which is the platform’s governance token that measures users’ community value and contributions – will be used for each related application.

As a final update, the dApp also received some minor cosmetic changes for Android devices. Icons now display differently depending on the Android user’s operating system.

Endorsit also released a screenshot of the application’s official icon, which can be seen here.

Concluding the updates for the dApp, the team also outlined its development plans for this week and moving forward. Developers are working to complete the application’s file deletion and sealing stages before moving onto testing. Endorsit’s internal test authors will help with this process once the work is complete.

Recruitment for Internal Test Users Announced

This week also marks the end of the closed testing for Endorsit’s decentralized application. This means that from next week, users will be invited to participate in internal testing in a series consisting of batches of ten users each.

Testing will be open to Endorsit’s “official community operations officers” and previous “Level S” authors of internal test activities.

Conditions of entry to the programme are currently limited to Android users and those who hold at least one million EDS tokens.

To sign up for the first batch of internal testers, applicants can scan the QR code located here, and fill out the application form. Users with a Chinese phone number may also select to receive an SMS verification code.

The team notes that not being chosen as a tester should not be a cause for concern, stating “before the official public test of Endorsit dApp, all the selected internal test authors have the opportunity to participate in the internal test in advance, which will be conducted in batches according to the author level of the activity.”

Community Rewards Reorganized and Adjusted

In the last section of the report, Endorsit announced the start and end of several reward structures and incentives.

The platform’s November reward concluded on December 3rd, while its “ecological community invitation award” will end on December 9th. Until the end of the week, users have the opportunity to invite friends to join Endorsit’s ecological community and earn rewards in EDS tokens.

Users who refer ten friends to join the ecosystem will earn 6,666 EDS tokens that will be issued within one week after the conclusion of the incentive programme.

Also in December, Endorsit’s ecological community will undergo a restructuring. The reorganization of its community (and the role of ecological operation officer) is due to a shift of focus and priorities for the platform, specifically to the preparatory work for the launch of the Endorsit dApp.

The team will keep its community updated on its projects via its Weibo, Facebook, Twitter, QQ Group and Telegram channels.