A Memorandum of Understanding was recently signed between nOS and NEO Tracker Corp, setting the terms and expectations for future cooperation. The teams will work together to simplify the development and adoption of dApps through the use of co-beneficial solutions.

Both nOS, a virtual operating system that acts as a NEO dApp gateway, and NEO-ONE, a dApp development suite developed by the NEO Tracker team, are focused on catering to web developers through the use of JavaScript and TypeScript.

Partnership Background

nOS founder Dean van Dugteren commented: “When NEO-ONE initially got announced early this year, I was immediately excited. Typescript smart contracts are a big deal! Then I met Alex at NEO DevCon and we hit it off. The partnership plans were made official quite recently, but I think our mutual excitement for each others’ projects for nearly a year now made it a natural progression.”

The sentiment was shared by NEO Tracker team leader Alex DiCarlo, who stated: “Dean and I have been chatting about nOS and NEO-ONE for quite some time now, and really it’s just been a matter of time until an official partnership was signed.”

The core goal for NEO-ONE is to improve the onboarding of NEO developers through the use of a well structured, easy to use end-to-end framework. This approach was very appealing to the nOS team. Dean commented: “The ability to build, test, and debug smart contracts directly from your code editor makes smart contract development so much easier for any type of developer. You can also run a full node in your browser, which creates a new block instantly on any transaction, allowing you to interact with your smart contract in real-time for debugging.”

The partnership with nOS aims to expand this increased developer accessibility to include dApp deployment and adoption through a streamlined user experience. Alex noted: “nOS is leading the way in the NEO ecosystem towards delivering a streamlined user experience for interacting with the crypto world.”

He continued: “With that said, the thing that really caught my eye with nOS is their focus not only on user adoption, but on developer adoption. From the very start they have been developer centric, offering rewards and early ICO participation opportunities for developers that build on the platform. As a result, the goals of both NEO-ONE and nOS had clear alignment from the start.”

Shared solution for web developers

As modern applications are primarily created by web developers using languages such as JavaScript and TypeScript, the mutual usage by nOS and NEO-ONE intends to make them quickly feel at home. Dean commented: “These web languages are often considered to have the lowest barrier of entry for any developer, new or old. That’s the type of accessibility we need for decentralized applications, too.”

This shared focus is the key benefit offered by the partnership, which will feature mutual integration. By allowing developers to build their backend contracts with TypeScript using NEO-ONE and their frontend applications with JavaScript via nOS, it is hoped that the barrier to dApp development will be lowered considerably.

Dean explains: “There will be no more prerequisites for a web developer to build a decentralized application. Instead of needing to be a ‘blockchain/dApp developer,’ you can just be a web developer.”

Alex continued: “JavaScript and TypeScript are the only languages to deliver on the promise of ‘learn once, write anywhere.’ Combined with front-end frameworks like React, developers have a powerful and efficient ecosystem for developing first class experiences on any platform.”

By integrating each others’ development libraries and creating links between documentation, nOS and NEO-ONE hope to make the development of new NEO dApps as simple as possible. Alongside the streamlined development process, this can provide other benefits.

Alex explains: “One key aspect of this is abstracting away the need to think about how users will connect their wallet with the developer’s app. Between NEO-ONE’s developer framework and nOS’s dApp browser and wallet functionality, developers can finally focus on what’s most important – the dApp itself.”

Moving forward, both nOS and NEO-ONE will work closely with each other. Dean noted: “We have a communication channel where we give feedback and help each other with co-integrations, bug fixes, and feature additions for our respective projects.”