APEX, whose blockchain aims to “power the next generation of consumer applications” while granting customers privacy and control over their data, has announced a Christmas-themed bounty program, “The Twelve Nodes of CPXmas.” Participants will earn raffle tickets in an upcoming December 2018 drawing for shares of a 500,000 CPX bounty.

CPXmas Bounty Program

The APEX bounty program consists of promotional tasks that grant raffle tickets to participants. APEX will be distributing 500,000 CPX tokens in the following manner:

  • 12 grand prizes of 20,000 CPX tokens (enough to qualify for running a “Data Cloud Node” on the APEX blockchain)
  • 15 prizes of 10,000 CPX
  • 22 prizes of 5,000 CPX

Bounty tasks include:

  • Retweets of the APEX Twitter Christmas bounty announcement (1 raffle ticket)
  • Follow APEX Technologies Twitter and promotion of APEX’s recent TestNet launch (10 raffle tickets)
  • Original contributions of APEX or Christmas-themed graphics, poems, songs, or letters to APEX founder and CEO Jimmy “Santa Hu” Hu (10 raffle tickets)
  • Participation in “CPXmas Quizzes” in the APEX Telegram community (10 raffle tickets)
  • Three best submission awards for the Christmas-themed poems, graphics, and letters (25 raffle tickets)
  • Node deployment on the APEX TestNet with submitted proof (75 raffle tickets)

The full announcement from APEX containing details of the Christmas bounty program is at the following link: