Alchemint recently announced recruitment efforts for its Philosopher Program, as well as a partnership with PikcioChain. Built on top of NEO, Alchemint wants to become the standard platform for issuing stablecoins, a form of digital currency where the price of the coin is coupled to a stable asset such as gold or USD.

Philosopher Program

Alchemint has opened up applications for “philosophers” to help grow and nurture its community.

Alchemint’s first product, Smart Assets Reserve-B (SAR-B), which allows institutions to issue customized stablecoins using real asset reserves and SDS mortgages, is currently being tested and should be released on MainNet in September of 2018. In addition to ongoing product development, Alchemint just completed an initiative to replace all of its original SDT (Special Drawing Token) with a rebranded Standards (SDS) token.

To support its public milestones and continued growth, the newly launched Philosophers Program will act as a bridge between the Alchemint team and the larger community. Philosophers will act as thought leaders, brand ambassadors, and event organizers. In exchange, individuals will receive project news before it goes public, in-depth training, and competitive compensation.

Ideal candidates will have existing influence through Reddit or other social networks, and are comfortable communicating respectfully online for at least 4 hours a day.

The full job description can be found on the following Alchemint article: 

To apply, applicants are required to fill out a Google form and email a resume to

Alchemint partners with PikcioChain

Alchemint and PikcioChain have established a partnership to “collateralize personal data through the Alchemint platform.” PikcioChain is a distributed platform that specializes in data collection, data verification, and personal data exchange.

The two entities seek to “create a bridge between the data market and cryptocurrency” by facilitating “industries to innovate and adopt financial solutions using blockchain technology.”

For more information about Alchemint and/or PikcioChain visit the links below.

Written by Ryan Weald.