NewEconoLabs (NEL) has published a progress update for NEO Name Service (NNS), a decentralized domain name service offering addresses ending in .neo, covering the last two weeks of August. Development has continued on its auction smart contract, community operations, NNS user interface, and NNS database.

Domain name auction trading for NEO Name Service will be handled by a smart contract on the NEO blockchain. NEL has reported that the first version is of this marketplace contract is now complete. The NNS team has implemented improvements to the user experience and notifications, so that users will be able to more clearly understand the bidding process for names.

The NNS back-end (database layer) was integrated further with the auction smart contract, and calculation errors were fixed. In addition, a domain name search function was added.

The NNS front-end (presentation layer) was made more responsive and efficient, with fewer API calls, automatic block updates, and clearer information about the domain names.

On the community fronts, NEL reported that the Chinese-speaking NNS community has contributed over 100 graphic memes for a design contest, while the English-speaking community has hosted an NNS Sticker competition to promote NNS on the Telegram chat application.

More information about NewEconoLabs and NEO Name Service can be found by following the links below.