Alchemint has released an updated roadmap for 2020, which includes platform improvement benchmarks for interacting with the Neo blockchain, a mobile application, preparation for the Neo3 blockchain, plus other goals.

In Q1 2020, Alchemint intends to optimize platform performance and the user experience of interacting with the Neo blockchain. In a conversation with Neo News Today, Alchemint community manager, Stephen Hu, offered a few examples of how the team intends to achieve this goal, such as minimizing the number of times users must convert SNEO back to NEO, adding more servers to decrease infrastructure issues, and general UI improvements.

Following the platform optimizations, Alchemint intends to release a mobile application in Q2 of 2020. Alchemint is focusing on offering a series of features to allow “user-friendly interaction” with its mobile app. Hu said some of these features will include a notification center to follow digital asset price movements and alert users of their SAR collateral rate status, an address book, and the ability to scan and display QR codes. Additionally, Alchemint will incorporate biometric support via face ID or fingerprint to log into their accounts.

Additionally, the Alchemint development team intends to offer SDUSD collateralization through other NEP-5 token assets.

In Q3/Q4 2020 Alchemint is aiming to implement a governance system to solicit community input on development and operational issues. Questions — such as, “What should the SDUSD collateral rate be?” — are expected to include a clearly defined list of options for users to choose.

Finally, Alchemint has begun preparing for the tentative 2020 launch of the Neo3 platform. After Neo3 is live, users will be able to mint and return SDUSD using NEO (as opposed to SNEO), and they will also have the opportunity to use fractional amounts of NEO. Hu concluded, “it will improve the user experience.”

The Alchemint 2020 roadmap can be found at the link below: