Neo Global Development (NGD) has issued a warning about a scammer soliciting Neo ecosystem community members to download malicious software under the guise of a wallet update. The most recent social engineering scam was conducted via Telegram, where the bad actor was sending direct messages to individuals. In it’s March 3rd announcement, NGD said, “we will never deliver any update via Telegram DM.”

The message the scammer sent was written in poor English grammar and urged users to download a “mandatory update” of the Neon Wallet, NEO-GUI wallet, or O3 wallet. The scammer linked GitHub repositories, which at the time of the scam, had been created hours before.

Do not download any wallet update from any of the links that were sent in this direct message.

Users are urged to ban and report scammers immediately and only trust official channels for information regarding software updates.

The full announcement can be found at the link below: