Alchemint recently participated in the Blockchain Stable Economic Model Design Competition (BDC) held in Beijing, China. The NEO-based stable coin project was selected to move onto the find round of the competition, to be held in South Korea in three months.

BDC is a “design mechanism competition,” which was co-hosted by the Tsinghua Wudaokou Blockchain Club, Qinghe Asset Management Company, and Changan Club Young Leader Program. Guests included individuals from surrounding academic institutions, commercial organizations, and Alchemint CTO, Qi Feng.

Ten international teams were selected to participate in the BDC, which included MakerDao, a team headed by Nobel economics winner Jean Tirole, and teams from academia such as Peking University.

Requested to address various pain points in the blockchain industry, each of the ten teams incorporated their stable economic model with a real-world use case. The stable economic design ideas included excess mortgage models, mortgage market maker models that utilize futures hedges, and algorithmic bank models.

In addition to Alchemint, MakerDao was also selected to move on to the final BDC round.

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