QLC Chain has announced it will showcase its “Private Communication Service” at Consensus:Singapore, on September 19th and 20th. The Private Communication Service aims to target the “secure communication” market, which will include a blockchain-based private router and private messenger application.

The Private Communication Service routers are designed to “construct a secure peer-to-peer [P2P] network that facilitates end-to-end encrypted [messaging] and file exchange.”

The private routers will not use cloud-based services for intermediary storage, nor will an application service provider be required. As data is transmitted through a router, it will be locally encrypted and stored. Users will be verified to gain access to information through their public key from the blockchain.

Highlights of the Private Communication Service

The Private Communication Service will incorporate a secure log-in, a secure communication tunnel, and protection against security exploits (such as the “evil maid attack”).

To create a log-in, users will not be required to provide personal information such as a phone number, or an email account registration. Rather, they will be authenticated with a public key, and routers will recognize one another through unique P2P ID’s.

Transmission of data and information will be done directly via P2P tunnels, which removes exposure to third-party cloud storage and application providers. Other features will include exchangeable files encrypted by local keys, screenshots disabled within the app, inability to copy messages from within the app, ability to permanently retract messages, and allowed message thread retrieval if all parties agree to share.

Lastly, the router’s read-only memory (ROM) will be registered on the blockchain to protect the integrity of the stored data; even if the router is stolen, broken, or overridden by another party. This means only the router’s owner will be able to access and use its services.


QLC Chain is offering an exclusive 20% presale discount to Consensus:Singapore attendees and participants. A US$100 deposit will be required to secure both a router and access to the Private Communication Service application.

To try out the Private Communication Service and register for the presale, attendees of Consensus:Singapore can visit QLC Chain at Booth BC 103.

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