Alchemint released its bi-monthly progress report for the second half of November. Highlights include development progress, a visit to the NEO Global Development (NGD) office, and the ongoing public platform testing. Additionally, Alchemint has stated they tentatively plan to launch on MainNet in the middle of December.

The Alchemint stable coin issuance platform audit has been completed by Qihoo360 and NewEconoLabs (NEL). Based on the feedback, the development team has already begun to implement optimizations. The price feeding function in the Oracle was updated to now support more than 10 nodes. Other updates include bug fixes, the addition of a tools page, and further code optimization.

Once the Alchemint stable coin issuance platform is stabilized, the team will upload the source code to its GitHub repository.

The Alchemint team visited NGD offices to discuss future collaboration, community operations, brand development, and general ideas. Alchemint claim that NGD “recognized Alchemint development, [and] wish have more cooperation in the future.”

Lastly, the Alchemint platform public testing is still underway and interested parties are encouraged to participate. To learn more about the public testing visit the link below:

The full bi-weekly report can be found at following link: