On November 29th, Effect.AI held its first EFX Meetup in Amsterdam, NL. The event discussed the November 30th launch of Effect Force, a United Nations pilot program, and the establishment of a minimum wage.

Effect Force is a decentralized micro-tasking marketplace that provides access to human-annotated training data for AI and machine learning processes. The platform currently has over 2,043 active users in 95 countries. The type of assignments requested on Effect Force include audio transcription, sentiment analysis, video classification, document transcription, pixel annotation, and more.

At the meetup, the Effect.AI team touched upon its goal to achieve 1 million task completions per day. To achieve that, Effect.AI plans to build and leverage consultancy partnerships, strategic alliance partnerships, SaaS partnerships, and government partnerships.

One such government relationship has been establish with the Dutch Ministry of Justice. Effect.AI are building an Effect Force algorithm to create a model that can filter documents with sensitive information quicker.

Another is a UN pilot project, where the two entities will coordinate their efforts in developing social impact hubs. The Effect Impact HUB will offer physical locations for workers to receive Effect Force training and a personal workstation.

In conjunction with the efforts of the UN, Effect.AI CEO Chris Dawe has stated the two aim to create 1,500 new jobs in Georgia in 2019.

Work has already begun on the first Effect Impact HUB in Rustavi, Georgia. In addition to Georgia, Effect.AI would aim to explore siting Effect Impact HUB’s in Nepal, Pakistan, Kenya, and Uganda.

During the question and answer session, the team revealed the Effect Force platform now has an established minimum wage to ensure workers are not exploited. The cap is currently set at $4.50 per hour in all developing countries.

Lastly, Effect.AI announced a new ambassador program, which NEO News Today recently covered.

The presentation at the meetup can be viewed at the link below:
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