On June 16, Alchemint released a statement pertaining to 375 of its early bird token sale investors and 789 of its main public token sale investors who were negatively affected by an update to the LeekICO website. LeekICO is a token sale platform that handles crowdfunding services, cryptocurrency consulting services, and pre and post-token sale management service.

On June 9, LeekICO underwent a system update that caused inconsistencies in users’ accounts regarding the planned restrictions of the Alchemint early bird sale. This allowed users in restricted areas (such as the US, China, Japan, Singapore, and Australia) to participate in the token sale, as well as allowed users to contribute beyond personal cap limitations.

The cause of the issue stems from overuse of the “support” button during the token sale. Those who attempted to use the support button were listed in the system cache as contributing 5 ETH to the token sale, even though that amount was not contributed. 

For those who over-contributed, LeekICO will reverse the transactions to the “initial purchase record of Alchemint early bird sale which is below or equal to the 1 ETH cap.”

The Alchemint early bird token sale and public token sale had a total of 7,965 participants. Those who participated in the early bird sale, will cumulatively be refunded a total of 381.55 ETH. Alchemint has decided to burn the unsold 3,055,070.85 SDT by placing those tokens in a public “black hole” address.

Additionally, the SDT token withdrawal date has been postponed to June 23, so that LeekICO can conduct its final stock-taking of the token sale.

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